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Study Spanish and Mayan Languages in Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala or with us online

We are not just another online Spanish language school, but a real one located in the beautiful highlands of Xela, Guatemala. We have had over 2500 foreign language students from over 30 different countries study at our school since 1993. Our classes are "one on one", and our teachers are college educated with years of experience. For those who can’t travel to Guatemala, we offer online Spanish and Mayan language programs using Skype technology with the same level of enthusiasm and experience that we have here in our physical school in Guatemala. Online classes start at just $12.50 a lesson, and our study program in Xela begins at just $220 a week including room and board. Centro Maya is a non-profit school that has a scholarship program for Mayan women at the university in Xela. Twenty-five percent of our income goes directly to this program. These women are helping to replace poverty with education

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